Catalin :: Braescu wrote:

I have qmail + vpopmail 5.2.

I want to be able to see the BCC field of messages arriving to one mail

I need to know if the BCC dat is erased in SMTP stage or only in POP3/IMAP

Suppose John Doe send me an e-mail message with some other adresses in BCC
field. Is this field BCC erased/changed by his SMTp server or by my own
POP3/IMAP server?

If it's erased/changed in my own POP3/IMAP server then I would like to be
able to configure it in such way that BCC data is visible to me.

Any hints?


The BCC will get removed at the first SMTP server, some mail clients even create a new connection for each BCC to send the message for more security :)

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