Jeff Koch writes:
> Is there any way to use the commands in /home/vpopmail/bin to setup domain 
> catch-all accounts?

When I was stuck with this problem quite a while ago I just wrote a bit of
perl to do the job for me.  As others suggested in another thread, it was 
smart enough to ask for domain, postmaster password and then repeteadly 
prompt me for alias domains until it got a blank line as input, then it 
called vadddomain (and vaddaliasdomain if necessary) and wrote a new 
.qmail-default file to set the catchall to deliver to the postmaster's

In newer releases of vpopmail, vadddomain has a -e e-mail_adress
option.  If there is an @ in the address you specify then it sets
the catchall to forward to that address; if there is no @ then it sets
the catchall to deliver to a Maildir of that name in that domain.
However, beware that using -e to set the catchall to a maildir does NOT
create that maildir (unless you set it to postmaster, because it creates
the postmaster maildir anyway).  I think it would be a good idea if it did 
create the maildir (if not set to postmaster) as well as creating the
postmaster maildir.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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