I've been unsuccessfully messing with a minor gripe with my vpopmail
installation:  I'm using vpopmail-5.2.1-r5 on gentoo with qmail, and two
patches ( seekable and mysql ).  The gentoo ebuild suggests these

 --sbindir=/usr/sbin \
                --bindir=/usr/bin \
                --sysconfdir=${VPOP_HOME}/etc \
                --enable-qmaildir=/var/qmail \
                --enable-qmail-newu=/var/qmail/bin/qmail-newu \
                --enable-qmail-inject=/var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject \
                --enable-qmail-newmrh=/var/qmail/bin/qmail-newmrh \
                --enable-vpopuser=vpopmail \
                --enable-many-domains=y \
                --enable-vpopgroup=vpopmail \
                --enable-file-locking=y \
                --enable-file-sync=y \
                --enable-md5-passwords=y \
                --enable-clear-passwd=y \
                --enable-defaultquota=30000000,1000C \
                --enable-roaming-users=y --enable-relay-clear-minutes=60
--enable-tcpserver-file=/var/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp \
                --enable-logging=y \

However since I'm happy with how relay-ctrl works for my
qmail-pop3d/courier-imap toaster I don't need the roaming functionality.

That's the catch, because regardless if I try leaving out the
--enable-roaming,relay-clear,tcp-rules & tcp-server-file settings
entirely or set enable-roaming to n (without tcp-rules & tcp-server-file
switches), I always end up finding this message in my courier-imap log:

[imapd] tcprules: fatal: unable to create /etc/tcp.smtptmp.9397: access

Any thoughts?

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