thanks for this. Just out of curiosity, when and by which program is the variable part ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) set ? This is obviously a stupid question but i am still just a beginner with all this stuff...


Jonathan Viney writes:


On Sat, 2003-09-27 at 01:29, til wrote:

after fiddling around with my mailserver configuration, everything seems to work now except for one thing. I'd like to Catch-All non existent accounts to postmaster, so i tried to change the delivery instruction in .qmail / .qmail-default to filter messages to postmaster. the problem is, that once i change the delivery instructions, i catch ALL mail, even to other existing accounts. anyone got a clue (although this may be a little offtopic on this list) ?

In your maildrop filter you could have something like...

# Get maildir to deliver to
VHOME=`/home/vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]
# If it wasn't a valid user... set user to postmaster
if ($RETURNCODE != 0)

That would probably do what you are after.


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