Hi Luca

Thanks for your reply....

>I use horde on a FreeBSD server (installed from ports), simply I use
>courier-imap and horde connect to local server with that!

hmm, okay, but what you did, if as example a user want to change his
password?... I doent really like to forward users for vacationmsg, password
change, etc. to qmailadmin...

The other thing is, that I have a problem with the pear modules. If i browse
the test.php site, i get on near each line a green Yes. But if i scroll
down, i pet all the time the following:

Net_Socket - Yes
Date - Yes
HTML_Common/HTML_Select - No
Horde requires the HTML_Common and HTML_Select classes only for Kronolith
1.0 to display forms correctly.

I can do what I want. I had installed the pear modules like 'pear install
"module"' and when that doesen't work,  I tried to install them with the
pear bsd port.

strange is, if a uninstall one of the other pear modules, i get unfortunally
a red No, after if i reinstall, i get again unfortunally a green Yes. Any
ideas or are more things needed?...

Thanks a lot for your help

Greetings Hannes, Switzerland

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