Tim Hasson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Erik,
> Thank you very much for all your help. I sent a message to chris and
> hopefully he'll reply.
> I just have a couple more questions/points to confirm:
> 1. If using maildrop, bounce all messages flag for a user probablly wouldn't 
> work because it's proprietary to vdelivermail, correct?

Huh, never thought about that.  Yes, it's the only thing that could look at

The easy way to go about it is to just take the user out of the database.
Then your second question should mop up the nonexistant users:

> 2. How does the maildrop maildir auto creation handle inexistent-
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] ? Does it confirm that the userhome is set in the
> database before creating dirs?

My patch to maildrop will cause qmail to bounce mail for nonexistant users.  I
/think/ that Chris does as well, but I'm not sure.

> I recall having a problem when using maildrop with a simple mailfilter for
> delivery (called from .qmail-default) when someone sends a message to any
> [EMAIL PROTECTED], which would cause messages to be queued and
> later bounced.  So as a temp workaround I added a little if clause to my
> mailfilter to check if the user's maildir exists first, and if the
> returncode == 1, then exitcode 100, and echo "Sorry, no user here by that
> name" or something like that.
> Sorry if I am not making much sense or being redundant, but I am getting 
> really tired with this whole vdelivermail/maildrop thing :|

Completely understandable.

Good luck;

- Erik Bourget

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