It is true that maildir was designed to be used over NFS, but I would like to 
know how many people are using the maildir++ extension (maildirquotas) on nfs 
in a production environment..

The reason why I ask is because I have been trying to debug a possible race 
condition with nfs when messages are added to a maildir and not added to 
maildirsize file. The problem doesn't occur very often but exposes itself 
after a while when those messages are deleted, and thus subtracted from the 
quota when they were never added, eventually yielding a negative quota.

For some reasons maildrop was not rebuilding those files (or at least not for 
a few days) so I had to manually rebuild them.

The tool I used to rebuild the quotas for all accounts is vuserinfo from 
vpopmail which shares (almost) the same maildirquota code from courier.

>From the latest README.maildirquota.txt (comes with maildrop-1.6.2)

   The  current implementation of Maildir++ in Courier inserts whitespace
   padding  on each line so that each line (including the terminating \n)
   is  14  bytes  in size. This minimizes the impact of appending-related
   bugs in some NFS implementations.

daemon1# rm Maildir/maildirsize
daemon1# maildirmake -q 10000000S Maildir/
daemon1# cat Maildir/maildirsize
       0    0
daemon1# rm Maildir/maildirsize
daemon1# ~vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[vuserinfo provides some info for that user and recalculates the quota as is 
set in the quota column in the mysql db]

daemon1# cat Maildir/maildirsize
0 0

I am still looking in the code (maildirquota.*) in maildrop/maildir/ to find 
out how this padding is done.

If you can point me to it, please let me know..

Tim Hasson

Quoting Martin Lohmeier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

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> On Sunday 05 October 2003 22:31, Chris Masters wrote:
> > Hi all,
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> > Has anyone experienced any problems with
> > courier-maildrop or courier-imap with maildirs located
> > on an NFS mount?
> As far as I know, maildir is designed to be used over NFS. Have a look at 
> and
> maildir.html
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