Something in vpopmail seems to be screwing with my user database in a strange
way.  I have my own set of tools to add users, etc. to the database.  I have
changed the vauth_getpw in vmysql.c to return f(pw_dir_field_in_db) instead
of just pw_dir_field_in_db; f(x) prepends some additional directory

For instance, f(y) could be "/domains/y".  That way, if a user has only y in
as pw_dir in the database, vuserinfo will show the entire /domains/y and
vchkpw will bring the pop daemon to the correct directory.

The problem -

A few of my users seem to have their pw_dir, which used to contain only y,
OVERWRITTEN by f(y).  This is bad, it results in a domain that is f(f(y)), or
/domains/domains/y.  None of my tools have the capability to overwrite this
value; there is no update statement that includes pw_dir at all.  It must be
in vpopmail.  Does vpopmail, at any point, do a vauth_getpw() and then update
pw_dir with the field it gets?  I'm having a hard time tracking this one down.


- Erik Bourget

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