Tom Collins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Monday, October 6, 2003, at 12:17  PM, Erik Bourget wrote:
>> Does vpopmail, at any point, do a vauth_getpw() and then update
>> pw_dir with the field it gets?  I'm having a hard time tracking this one
>> down.
> Whenever a user's account is modified (change password, change quota, turn
> vacation on, etc.), their new information is saved.
> It's a shortcoming of the vpopmail apps (and qmailadmin) that when modifying
> a user record, it usually saves the entire vpw structure instead of just
> changing the items that need to change.

Eek, that sucks really bad.  Guess I have to finish cleansing the system of
vpopmail.  I think that the only thing left is the password-changing program.

This should be fixed!

> Why can't you store the actual directory in the MySQL table?

It's more complicated than that.  Each user has multiple directories.  

if Erik's directory is /, and his storage group is "1",
then his directories are /domains/1.1/ and
/domains/1.2/ .  Both are delivered to.  If one of the
NFS servers dies, I just take it out of the database and maildrop will no
longer deliver to it.  You can set the 'read' directory to any of the
directories that belong to group 1.

Of course, this requires my Maildrop uber-patch as well as minor
modifications to vpopmail, heh.

It's elegant and flexible!  And thanks to the bad hard drive that Dell
shipped us we already had to use it :/

- Erik Bourget

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