Thanks to MIchael Bowe and Tom Collins for the solutions!!

Hi, it seems like one problem I am running into is that vchkpw seems to collapse


qmail: 1065495199.351292 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20
vpopmail[30995]: vchkpw: [N jason /P <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> / jason]
vpopmail[30995]: vchkpw: parsing [input jason//jason ]
vpopmail[30995]: vchkpw: parsing [got domain = ] <<= here.
vpopmail[30995]: vchkpw: vpopmail user not found jason@:

The N and P are the variables TheName and ThePass, right before the call
to parse_email() in vchkpw.c

Now the question is, do the virtual domains need to be registered with
DNS proper? or does it suffice to have records in /etc/hosts?

If this is not an issue of DNS resolving a bogus virtual domain name to
nothing, then what is it?

Thanks again.

-jason kim

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