on 10/6/03 7:42 PM, W.D. McKinney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> This is frustrating:
> mailman# cd /usr/home/vpopmail
> mailman# cd bin
> mailman# ./vdeldomain deesignnet.com
> Error: Domain does not exist
> mailman# ./vadddomain deesignnet.com
> Please enter password for postmaster:
> enter password again:
> Error: Domain already exists

I'm no expert but this sounds like what was happening to me when I upgraded
to a new version of vpopmail that handled aliased domains differently.

One of the vpopmail readme files describes the issue of the change in how
domain aliases were handled, but without explaining the underlying mechanics
fully, so I had to post here to find out.

Here is the message I posted about my problem, and the response I got:

on 6/5/03 7:04 PM, Kurt Bigler wrote:

> I have an alias domain that exists and appears to be working without the usual
> symbolic link for it being present in /var/vpopmail/domains.  If I try to add
> that domain I get a message indicating the domain already exists.  Sending
> email to that domain routes correctly to the domain that it is supposed to be
> an alias of.  But the alias domain is invisible.
> Does vpopmail maintain the domain list somewhere else?  I'm aware that
> vpopmail is just a layer on top of qmail, and I admit that I don't know enough
> about qmail to really understand the underpinnings, so apologies.
> I am using vpopmail-5.3.12.

on 6/5/03 9:02 PM, Tom Collins wrote:

> /var/qmail/users/assign has the mapping of alias domain to real
> domain/directory.

I believe I edited the assign file and fixed the problem.


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