I've found a vpasswd file, on the same machine, 2 weeks old...

But still can't explain how could happen this!

going home now...


Justin Heesemann wrote:
On Tuesday 07 October 2003 14:32, Andrej wrote:

Hi List,

I have a big big problem. I'm using vpopmail 5.2.1 with qmail-1.03
and a domain with over 7000 accounts.

The problem is that the there are only 77 accounts in the vpasswd
file. How comes, and how to get all the passwords back

what size is the vpasswd file?
do you have any backups of that file?
when did this occur (after you did ..) ?

one way to recover (if your original vpasswd is completly gone..) would be to vpopmail with password learning mode enabled and then to readd the users with an empty password.

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