On Tuesday, October 07, 2003 5:27 PM; I wrote:

> Our pop server is seeing a little more load recently and some of 
> the users are getting "File busy try again later" error when they 
> tried to pop their mail. I check the archive and found some people 
> getting the same problem recently but no answer. So I went to the 
> source, and found that the error msg is in file_lock.c with 
> 2 #define in file_lock.h.
> #define MAX_TRY_RLOCK   10
> #define MAX_TRY_WLOCK   15
> I did double those, and recompile and install, and the error seems 
> to be gone. 

Anwering to myself... not really. The problem went away
temporarily. When load goes up again, it comes back.
So my last attempt was to rebuild vpopmail with these 2
more ./configure options:

--enable-file-locking=n --enable-logging=n

It's not the best thing to do, but well, we're moving all data
off from this server to a new server as scheduled earlier. :)


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