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This sounds wonderful. Hopefully, serialmail won't get confused and try to deliver the message locally. We'll give it a try.

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> We would like to know if it is possible to re-inject mail for delivery by
> smtp after vpopmail has dropped it into a domain's .qmail-default file.
> Basically, we're trying to setup a mailserver that stores messages for some
> domains but routes messages by smtp for others AFTER performing some
> operations on them by commands within the .qmail-default file.

> We do not want to forward the messages to an email address but instead want
> to route them using smtp to another mailserver willing to accept email for
> that domain.

You shouldn't store them in '.qmail-default', but in a Maildir where
.qmail-default directs them to (it would be unwise to store them in
the file containing /the/ delivery instructions).

With this setup you can send the mails in this Maildir out via SMTP by
using 'maildirsmtp' tool from 'serialmail' package[1].

This should be sufficient according to what you've written, IF you
don't mind "performing some operations" on multiple files (as Maildir
stores each mail in a new file) instead of one 'Mailbox' file.

[1]: http://cr.yp.to/serialmail.html
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