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Subject: [vchkpw] User has no password error

I have a new qmail+vpopmail install using mysql as the backend for virtual
users. I have compiled vpopmail 5.3.24 with --enable-learn-passwd=y, yet
when adding a virtual user with the command, vadduser -n <emailaddress>, the
user is not allowed to login to the pop server. I get the error in the mysql
vlog table that the user does not have a passwd set.

As a side note, this is now a clean re-compile of vpopmail, prior to this,
no error or log entry would appear in the vlog table if the user had no
password set, but user that were added with a password would authenticate
fine, and appear in the log table. I have setup systems very similar in
configuration a number of times, and do not remember fighting this issue.
Any help or guidance is appreciated.

Justin Workman
WORJUS Consulting

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