On Friday 10 October 2003 21:40, songrit wrote:
> Thank you for answer. I have some problem. In my vpopmail/domain is
> large.I use this server with IMAP && POP3 . i can't backup. I want
> mail domain. not want data in mail box.

i read this as: you want to save your email account settings (passwords, 
usernames....) but you don't want to save the emails, correct?
well. at least mysqldump the vpopmail database and save the 
/var/qmail/control  and /var/qmail/users  directories.

you can save the ~vpopmail/domains directory structure without the 
emails, too. (find ~vpopmail/domains -type d)

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> account ?
> > back up vpopmail database using mysqldump and also
> > back up vpopmail/yourdomain using compression tool
> > like tar or zip or both.
> >
> > why do you want to back up anyway?? do you want to
> > upgrade??

maybe he doesn't want his complete email setup to go oneway to nirvana, 
when his disk dies? everybody should backup his email settings. (it's 
hard enough to tell your customers that all their unfetched mails are 
lost, but that all there email accounts are gone too? the learning 
password feature is great, but it doesn't cover what a backup can do.)

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