Hi, I am new in ldap. I want to set a mail server with openldap authentification. I already set openldap and qmail (+ qmail-ldap patch), but I little confuse after read a milis archive in http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg12889.html 
1. From that, archive Jens Jahr said that we must not use qmail-ldap + vpopmail-ldap. what's that mean ? Is that mean that I must install qmail without qmail-ldap patch ?
2. In step # 2 from that mail,  we must add this entry in  core.schema
         objectclass ( NAME 'person'
         DESC 'RFC2256: a person'
         SUP top STRUCTURAL
         MAY ( sn $ cn $ userPassword $ telephoneNumber $ seeAlso $ description
$ mail $
                 workphonenumber $ cellphonenumber $ postalAddress $
                 title $ telexNumber $street $givenName $registeredAddress
$cellphone) )
but when I run slapd, I get error about it  misslng "mail" attribut.  But no answer about it ( in the arcvhives)
c. Is there any cool step by step (new) installation about qmail + vpopmail + ldap ??

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