I am traying to get quota work for my installation og vpopmail stable (5.2.1)

> Unless I'm not getting this right, vmoddomlimits should be exactly what
> you need:
> vmoddomlimits: usage: [options] domain
> options: -v ( display the vpopmail version number )
>          -S ( show current settings )
>          -Q quota ( set domain quota )
>          -q quota ( set default user quota )
> So a one-time "vmoddomlimits -q 20971520 domain2.com", together with a
> "vmoduser -q 20971520 [EMAIL PROTECTED]" for the postmaster
> account, and you're done.

I do not have the command /home/vpopmail/bin/vmoddomlimits.
Is this a feature of the develment versions of vpopmail?



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