Could you give us a little more information on how you edited this file...

Like what you added, specifically, as well as where I should put "my $disallow_rules_in_sql = 0;"

I am really hoping to set up something similar with MailDrop, and if I can get this working, then I think I can figure out the rest. I am sure hoping I can figure it all out :) I just want a bayen database per domain. Not per user.


On Oct 6, 2003, at 8:13 AM, Doug Ledbetter wrote:

I had to make a small change to one of the SpamAssassin scripts because normally it won't read certain settings from a database for security reasons.  Notice I have modified the source of SpamAssassin!  Please use at your own risk!  As long as access to your database is secure, you shouldn't have any problems.


Around line 280:

sub parse_scores_only {
  my ($self) = @_;
#  $self->_parse ($_[1], 1); # don't copy $rules!
  $self->_parse ($_[1], $disallow_rules_in_sql); # allow copying of rules -dougl


my $disallow_rules_in_sql = 0;

- Here's how I run the "spamd" daemon:

        spamd -d -a -v -x -q -u vpopmail -H /home/vpopmail/

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