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On Saturday, October 11, 2003, at 10:32 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Perhaps the authors of vpopmail could add another column to mysql for per-domain
USER quota.

domain1 -> each user created gets a 10m quota
domain2 -> each user created gets a 15m quota
etc etc

Does this seem to clarify at all?

This already exists, at least in the development tree. Take a look at the -q option (not to be confused with -Q) of vmoddomlimits.


Seems as if the default user quotas are not taken into account when I add a new user with vadduser... The new user still gets the compile-time default, even though there's a default quota set for the domain:

# vadddomain bla
# vmoddomlimits -q 10000S
# vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] bla
# vuserinfo [EMAIL PROTECTED]
name:   test
passwd: $1$0cNH2$KqGzT19ARIALtUkyMM1qz0
clear passwd: bla
uid:    1
gid:    0
gecos: test
       all services available
dir:       /home/vpopmail/domains/
quota:     50M
usage:     0%
account created: Sun Oct 12 00:59:17 2003
last auth: Never logged in

When I add a user using qmailadmin 1.0.27, the default quota for the user is handled correctly.


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