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Sent: Friday, October 10, 2003 7:10 PM
Subject: [vchkpw] Vpopmail 5.3.28 + PostgreSQL missing initial sql statement

Back with another bug:

After installing Vpopmail 5.3.28 with postgresql auth module I have to manually "create sequence vpopmail_id_seq;" into the db before being able to insert a domain.

If I don't do that an SQL error is generated when trying to add a domain.
I spent some time looking into this problem
As reported, if you compile with --enable-postgres=y --enable-many-domains=y, then the vpopmail install will not work. You get the error as reported.
I cant see any reason why the vpopmail TABLE_LAYOUT in vpgsql.h needs to have the lines maked in bold:

#define TABLE_LAYOUT "pw_name varchar(32) NOT NULL, \
pw_domain varchar(64) NOT NULL, \
pw_passwd varchar(40), \
pw_uid int4, pw_gid int4, \
pw_gecos varchar(48), \
pw_dir varchar(160), \
pw_shell varchar(20), \
pw_clear_passwd varchar(16), \
id integer DEFAULT nextval('\"vpopmail_id_seq\"'::text) NOT NULL, \
UNIQUE(\"id\"), \
PRIMARY KEY(\"pw_domain\", \"pw_name\")"
I tried removing this line and it cleared the error you report. vpopmail still appeared to work normally. I searched the source and found no reference to this id column.
Does anyone know why that column is included?

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