J. Kendzorra writes:

> Not really your fault - ./configure --help shows:
> --enable-tcpserver-file=~vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp  File where tcpserver -x 
> relay information is stored.

I remember being bitten by this one, long ago.
> I already sent mail to someone some time before (don't remember anything 
> anymore ;), that this should be changed. Maybe a bugreport would work 
> better?

I don't know which reporting mechanism would work better, but I
would prefer a configure script that would happily accept ~vpopmail.
I do not think that vpopmail ought to look up ~vpopmail at run-time
because of the overhead but I think it is reasonable for the
configure script to be a little smarter.

Although, having said that, I can see problems with making the configure
script smarter.  I can see people posting here saying that they
moved the vpopmail home directory and changed /etc/password and things
broke even though they used ~vpopmail in the configure rather than
a full path.

On balance, fixing the help is probably the best that can be done.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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