Michael Bowe writes:

> To auth a username/password, Courier-IMAP takes the supplied username 
> and runs vpopmail's vauth_getpw() to retrieve the user's passwd entry.
> Courier-IMAP then crypts the supplied password and compares this against
> the (crypted) pw entry supplied by vauth_getpw()

Sigh.  That means vpopmail might support forms of crypt that
sqwebmail has never heard of.

> Password learning is all done in the vpopmail's vchkpw() function,
> which Courier-IMAP doesnt use

Nor does there seem any way of kludging it without Mr Sam's co-operation.
You could make vauth_getpw a wrapper around vchkpw which returns the
crypted password but since he does not supply the plain password it still
wouldn't work.

Ah-ha!  But what does qmailadmin call?  It allows ordinary users to login
to set certain preferences.  So if qmailadmin calls the right thing then
you're laughing.  Unless you don't want users to have qmailadmin
functions available to them.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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