On Tuesday 14 October 2003 22:41, Abdul Mahzeer wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been using vpopmail for awhile now in conjunction with qmail and
> recently i've been trying use vpopmails vuserinfo utility.  When i
> type "vuserinfo -Q [EMAIL PROTECTED]" it gives me an output that says
> 0%.  It is my understanding that the -Q option displays quota usage,
> and i know that this user has over 500 messages (all are marked
> unread) in his box yet it says that 0% of his quota is used (which
> happens to be 20MB).  My question to you guys is what constitutes a
> user's quota?  Is vuserinfo the wrong utility to use to determine how
> much of a user's quota remains?

no, it should do list the quota..

# ~vpopmail/bin/vuserinfo -Q [EMAIL PROTECTED]

is shown at my box (vpopmail-devel-5.3.29-cvs), for a test user with a 
100Kb quota, after i sent him a 2kb message.

habe a look at this file:

what does it show in your case?
also, which vpopmail version are you using?

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