i recently posted a bug when executing moddomlimits i receive the error message "Failed to vget_limits".

i got the following response:

/On Tuesday 07 October 2003 01:51, Jonathan Viney wrote:


This is easily fixed manually, just run 'INSERT INTO limits (domain)
VALUES ('example.net')' to create an entry and vmoddomlimits works
fine. It is just that this should be done automatically at some
> "Failed to vget_limits".
> when i use vpopmail with enable-mysql-limits and try to read them
> via vmoddomlimits.
> I also noticed that the mysql table "limits" has no entries when i
> add a domain via e.g. qmailadmin.
> looks like a bug!


the vmoddomlimits bug is fixed in cvs.
vget_limits did returned -1 even if default limits existed.

i wouldn't add an empty set of limits automatically with vadddomain, since, when there are some limits for domain abc.com, they are used instead of the default limits./

today i got myself a copy of the vpopmail cvs and tried it out. unfortunately the bug is still existing.
when i try to add a new domain via vqadmin and set the limits nothing is written into the database.
to my suprise a file called .qmailadmin-limits has been created. shouldn´t it be all in the db when compiling
with --enable-mysql-limits?

when i read the limits via moddomainlimits i receive the error "Failed to vget_limits".



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