> On Thursday, October 16, 2003, at 09:55  AM, Russell Mann wrote:
> > When a Mac OS X "Mail.app" client POP's in for mail, I always get an
> > error
> > log message like this:
> >
> > vchkpw-pop3: password fail (pass: 'd502e3b49fb33d7f7d419d469b51a5a0')
> > <EMAIL
> Have them launch Mail.app, go into "Preferences", select "Accounts", go
> to the "Advanced" tab and check the "Authentication" popup.  I'm able
> to use MD5 Challenge-Response or Password on my system.  See if they
> have it set to one of the Kerberos options.  Or, if it's set to MD5,
> have them try Password.

I checked the Authentication preferences.  They were already set to
"password."  I set them to "MD5" to see what happens and the MUA wasn't able
to POP in.

Any other ideas?


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