I would start with a fresh queue on the new server and have the old
server deliver the queued mail to the new server by changing the controls:
remove the entries from control/virtualdomains and populate
control/smtproutes with static routes to the new server.
David Bristol wrote:

As far as vpopmail goes, you would need the cgi-bin directory as well.
Also, for both qmail and vpopmail you would have to have the same user
and group accounts with the same UID/GIDs on the machine that you are
transferring to.

Qmail will barf on the queues as soon as you transfer it, but there is a
way (I don't remember personally) to regenerate the queues. Other than
that, theoretically, it should work.

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 19:36, Mike Smith wrote:

If i were to install qmail and vpopmail on a second server and then
just copy the entire /home/vpopmail folder
to the other machine, would all the email  and mailboxes be tranferred
to the new machine?



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