More bug fixes as we move toward a stable 5.4 release.

This version includes changes to the configure and build process, so please post bug reports to the bug tracker on SourceForge if you encounter any problems with configure/build.


Michael Bowe
- Fix formatting error in filename
  (was being created as

Tom Collins
- Remove acconfig.h; update to work without it.
- Update 'missing' script with version from automake 1.6.
- Send errors to stderr instead of stdout (vpopmail, vchkpw).
- Add support for port 587 (submission) to vchkpw.
- Increase size of VchkpwLogName in vchkpw.c to eliminate a
  buffer overflow.
- Improve seeding for rand() and random() in vpopmail.c
- Add -r (random password) option to vpasswd.
- Better detection of connection type in vchkpw.c. [818943]
- Remove extraneous calls to mysql_store_result(). [809472]
- Minor cleanup of make_user_dir() in vpopmail.c.
- Don't prompt for password in `vadduser -e ...`. [822308]
- Set quota to default when adding new users. [821995]
- vpgsql.c vauth_getpw(): Put in_domain on the stack. [822175]
- Fix vget_limits calls. [824067, 824070]
- Update example for --enable-tcpserver-file in configure. [824077]
- Fix loop checking on Delivered-To header. [826231]

Justin Heeseman
- Set pw_flags field based on pw_gid and domain limits. [795688]
- Use pw_flags instead of pw_gid to check permissions.
- Allow K/KB/M/MB modifiers on vmoddomlimits -Q. [821892]

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