On Tuesday, October 21, 2003, at 08:06 AM, Trey Nolen wrote:
We just upgraded to the new 5.3.29 and are getting a weird issue with the
vdominfo command.
Here is a sample output:
mail:/home/vpopmail/bin# ./vdominfo ntsux.com
domain: ntsux.com
uid: 89
gid: 89
dir: /home/vpopmail/domains/ntsux.com
users: 2147483646

I suspect that previous versions would give you the same result.

If you're using the cdb backend, vdominfo uses the dircontrol to determine the number of users. Take a look at ~vpopmail/domains/ntsux.com/.dir-control and you'll find that the first line is 2147483646. Change it to 5, and you'll be all set.

There's a bug somewhere in the vpopmail code that trashes that value. I suspect that it rolls backwards from zero to 2,147,483,648 instead of -1. Somehow, it subtracts too often (or doesn't add often enough) when adding and deleting users.

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