On Tuesday 21 October 2003 18:40, Trey Nolen wrote:
> > Should we update the code so that it doesn't generate an error if
> > neither .qmailadmin-limits or vlimits.default exist?

> That would be good because I'm sure there are a lot of servers like
> ours out
 there that don't have either file in most of their existing
> domains. 
Oh, and i forgot to mention:
you don't need an .qmailadmin-limits file for every domain, but just the 
vlimits.default file (in ~vpopmail/etc/) to make the error message 

a vlimits.default file might look like

maxpopaccounts: -1
maxaliases: -1
maxforwards: -1
maxautoresponders: -1
maxmailinglists: -1
quota: 0
maxmsgcount: 0
default_quota: 0
default_maxmsgcount: 0
perm_account: 0
perm_alias: 0
perm_forward: 0
perm_autoresponder: 0
perm_maillist: 0
perm_quota: 0
perm_defaultquota: 0

(which ofcourse doesn't limit anything at all ;)

a better way would be to have vmoddomlimits create one for one domain of 
yours, and then copy that 
~vpopmail/domains/domain.com//.qmailadmin-limits file to 

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