Justin Heesemann wrote:

a vlimits.default file might look like

maxpopaccounts: -1
maxaliases: -1
maxforwards: -1
maxautoresponders: -1
maxmailinglists: -1
quota: 0
maxmsgcount: 0
default_quota: 0
default_maxmsgcount: 0
perm_account: 0
perm_alias: 0
perm_forward: 0
perm_autoresponder: 0
perm_maillist: 0
perm_quota: 0
perm_defaultquota: 0

(which ofcourse doesn't limit anything at all ;)

Is there a documentation about what these values mean? What's the difference between quota, default_quota, perm_quota and perm_defaultquota?

a better way would be to have vmoddomlimits create one for one domain of yours, and then copy that ~vpopmail/domains/domain.com//.qmailadmin-limits file to ~vpopmail/etc/vlimits.default

Why is there a different name for the same thing? Having a ~vpopmail/etc/.qmailadmin-limits.default would be more consistent IMHO...


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