Check the roaming users setup. If it is turned on and clearopensmtp
is not run, tcprules will take longer and longer to build the
tcp.smtp.cdb file.

Ken Jones

On Wednesday 22 October 2003 8:11 am, Trey Nolen wrote:
> We upgraded to 5.3.29 and now, after a few hours, qmail-pop3d will fail. 
> It is very weird, because in the logs, we get a successful login, but the
> client waits several seconds and then says that the password has failed and
> asks the user to retry.  All other methods of authentication seem to be
> working (sqwebmail, imap, qmailadmin), although they are not used as often
> so the problem may not be coming up yet.  Killing all the qmail-pop3d,
> qmail-popup, and the tcpserver processes that spawn qmail-pop3d and
> restarting them fixes the problem for a while.  I'm not sure, but it
> *seems* like the authentication gets slower before it fails completely.  I
> tried going back to 5.3.28 (we were on 5.2.1 before the upgrade) but the
> problem still persists.  Our version of qmail-pop3d is not patched to
> support quotas, but we are not using quotas.  We are using vpasswd
> authentication and roaming smtp.
> Thanks for any help.
> Trey Nolen

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