I'm having trouble with the vadddomain command. It gives me this error, when i try to add a domain

# vadddomain testdomain.com 123test
Failure while attempting to remove_line() the locals file
Error. Failed to add domain to assign file
Error: Could not update file

I'm using the debian packages from http://linux.myspinach.org/debian , which of course means that I'm not really sure, where the problem is.

I have installed the following versions

vpopmail-bin   5.3.26-1
libvpopmail-dev 5.3.26-1
libvpopmail1   5.3.26-1
libvpopmail-freecdb 5.3.26-1
qmail          1.03-27

I hope that either someone else found a solutions to this problem or that this is simply a bug, that hopefully will be solved :)

Thomas Ledet

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