Paul Theodoropoulos wrote:
easiest method by far is to use Tetsu Ushimima's qmail-conf package -

then the invocation i used was:

qmail-smtpd-conf qmaild qmaill /var/qmail/service/smtpd-sa

to indicate 'smtpd SpamAssassin', but you can call it whatever you want. since i also run a *third* smtpd for customers who are on networks that block outbound port 25, i also run one called smtpd-2525, which is the alternate port i offer those customers to use to bypass the blocking.

after qmail-conf has built the structure, go into /var/qmail/service/smtpd-sa/env, then

echo 26 > PORT

Well, I have finally got round to building a second smtpd server on my qmail box using qmail-conf. So, I now have two smtpd services running. One on the traditional port 25, which does no spam or virus checking, the other on port 26, which does do spam/virus checking. I have created an smtproutes file which contains:

But qmail doesn't seem to take any notice of this, my understanding of the problem is that qmail will first look at virtualdomains, see that my domains are listed within, and deliver the mail locally. I can't remove the domains from virtualdomains because they are hosted on localhost.

How have you solved this?



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