Another problem with 5.3.29 is related to POP authentications. It may only affect people who are running with --enable-roaming-users.

I need to know ASAP if anyone on the lists is running WITHOUT enable-roaming-users support in 5.3.29 and still having problems with APOP authentication. If you're running 5.3.29 WITHOUT enable-roaming-users and POP seems to be working fine, please let me know. It will allow me to focus on where the problem might be.

I am leaving for a 26-day trip to Australia in about 7 hours, so there's a good chance I won't be able to fix this soon. If someone else has time NOW to work on the problem, I'd surely appreciate it. Get a patch to me and I'll build a 5.3.30 release and post it to SourceForge.

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