On Friday 24 October 2003 10:57, Oliver Etzel - GoodnGo.COM (R) wrote:
> Hello Remo, hello all,
> I know that vadduser will do that, but I want to generate just the
> password so that I can insert it
> solely into the vpopmail mysl-database.
> I other words I don´t want to make ./vadduser ... first, I just want
> generate thi user in my database.

basically vpopmail uses your systems crypt function.
just have a look at the other passwords created by the vpasswd function.
do they start with "$1$" ? then they are probably md5 crypted passwords.
if they don't, then they are probably normal des crypted passwords. (you 
can check that with 
`grep MD5_PASSWORDS /path/to/vpopmail/source/config.h`)
i don't now if you are using php or anything like that, but most 
languages support some kind of crypt() call.

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