Hans Rakers writes:

> Quick question: Using qmail/vpopmail, how can i make mail for things 
> one single maildir/account/alias for all my virtual doms, without having 
> to create .qmail-abuse and .qmail-hostmaster files for all my virtual 
> doms?

With a new enough release of vpopmail, vadddomain takes a -e switch
to specify the catch-all address for the domain.  Because this gets the
mail for any username which does not exist at that domain, it will
automatically get abuse and hostmaster mail.  This may or may not
be good enough for your purposes.  Unfortunately, there appears to be 
no command-line tool for modifying existing domains in this way.

If you want to modify existing domains or do not wish to use the catch-all
mechanism then you will have to do this manually.  However, once having
done this on one domain you can then automate it by creating a script of
some sort that goes through each domain, creates the destination maildir
with vadduser, copies the .qmail-abuse and .qmail-hostmaster files and
sets their ownership/permissions.  For new domains you can create a
script that runs vadddomain then creates the target mailbox and copies
the .qmail files.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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