Well maybe there is another answer to this. maybew he didn't get the reply
last time
for some reason so he doesn't even know he was given the answer. Sometimes
must have faith that not all people are stupid :)


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> John Johnson writes:
> >  He can also enable the learn password option in vpopmail, I think
> > this would be an easy way to deal with it myself.
> It's hard to tell since he didn't say why he wanted to do it in the
> first place.  The problems with the learn password option are that there
> is a window of vulnerability (unlikely to be exploited) and that he may
> not wish users to choose their own passwords.  He may wish to force strong
> passwords on his users, in which case learn password would be totally
> unsuitable.
> As somebody else reminded us, this guy has asked questions avout the
> password hashing before and received rather comprehensive answers which
> he apparently either ignored or could not understand.  So I have my
> doubts that any sensible, rational, logical solution will suit him.
> He appears to be like the guy who locked his keys in his car and spent
> an hour using a bent coat-hanger inserted down the window seal to jimmy
> the lock so he could let his family out of the car...
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