> OK, I am in the process of upgrading and recompiling everything, but I
> get this error in the maillog and no one can receive e-mail.  I have it
> before whenI tried to re-install vpopmail.
> Oct 27 15:03:17 blasted qmail: 1067284997.969826 delivery 102: deferral:
> could_not_connect_to_mysql_update_server_Access_denied_for_user:_'[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> ocalhost'_(Using_password:_YES)_with_database/could_not_connect_to_mysql
> _update_server_Access_denied_for_user:_'[EMAIL PROTECTED]'_(Using_password:
> _YES)/
> Nothing has changed with mysql, it works fine.  I get this just after I
> upgrade vpopmail.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

What version of vpopmail do you have now?

Note that prior to vpopmail-5.3.25, the mysql config was stored in the
vmysql.h file
In versions 5.3.25 and later, you have to setup a
~vpopmail/etc/vpopmail.mysql file instead


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