I have it working with IMP 3.2.1

I had to get an updated version of vpopmail from cvs.


See below.

< * $Horde: passwd/lib/Driver/vpopmail.php,v 2003/02/12 22:35:36 ericr Exp $
> * $Horde: passwd/lib/Driver/vpopmail.php,v 2003/01/29

Ryan Burton wrote:

Hey all. I know this may not be the right list to try, but I have posted to sork, IMP and horde mailling lists, but no one gave anything helpful.

I am wondering if anyone out there has gotten the passwd module for Horde working properly with vpopmail/mysql? I tried their newest version, 2.2, but it doesn’t work properly. This would be very beneficial, but a pain in the ass to get working. Thanks!


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