I don't have a .qmail-default.  
I fixed it though, I just put a valid e-mail address in the .qmail-root
file, and it started sending out e-mails.  I guess they were errors
trying to be sent out, but had no where valid to go.  Thanks for the


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On Tuesday 28 October 2003 02:05, Ryan Burton wrote:
> Hey all, I was wondering if someone could help me out with this error
> in
 my log files.  Thanks!

looks like a qmail error, not a vpopmail one.
what's your .qmail-default file, and your /var/qmail/users/assign file 
showing? is blasted.602global.com in your virtual domain list?

> Oct 27 19:51:47 blasted qmail: 1067302307.787823 starting delivery
> 16:
 msg 5496023 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Oct 27 19:51:47 blasted qmail: 1067302307.787871 status: local 1/10
> remote 0/20
> Oct 27 19:51:47 blasted qmail: 1067302307.789805 delivery 16:
> deferral:
> Oct 27 19:51:47 blasted qmail: 1067302307.789856 status: local 0/10
> remote 0/20

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