Thanks Michael and X-istence,
I thought that the lastest was 5.2.1 since this was the lastest
reported on website.
I've tried 5.2.2 and vconvert works like a charm...


Michael Bowe wrote:
Hi all,
I'm trying to convert a 5.2 cdb installation to a 5.2.1 mysql


I've tried to use vconvert tools but it fails.

I think that vconvert is badly out of date.
Do you have any suggestions (over fixing the code :-) )?

vpopmail-5.2.2 contains a much newer version of the vconvert utility.

vpopmail-5.2.2 is now the recommended "stable" version to be using (not
vpopmail-5.2.1). The 5.2.2 build includes a number of important bug fixes.

You can get vpopmail-5.2.2 from


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