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Subject: [vchkpw] qmailadmin version

dear list
i recently install qmailadmin-stable (and latest devel) with
vpopmail-5.3.29 with postgresql auth,
instalation work fine, but qmailadmin not do his job. , i can login with
postmaster account, but every link that i click, return with empty page.
and error from apache;
vauth_getpw: failed select: SELECT pw_name, pw_passwd, pw_uid, pw_gid,
pw_gecos, pw_dir, pw_shell , pw_clear_passwd FROM users WHERE pw_name =
'' : ERROR: Relation "users" does not exist

Mmmm, that seems a bit suspect.

Notice how the pw_name is blank in the SQL string

I have recently been doing a bit of tinkering with the Postgres module, to
get some documentation going as per my existing MySQL docs at

I have found a few bugs/niggles in the vpopmail postgres code which I will
be posting updates for shortly. While I am at it, I will see if I can find
out what is causing your bug as well.


thnaks Michael.

my installation step is part of your documentation except for the vpopmail authentication and webmail imap client , my imap client is OpenGroupware that use postgresql as its database, and i dont want to have 2 different SQL in my server.


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