i discoverd a bug in vpopmail 5.3.29.

in vpopmail.c in line 2737

/* unlink the temp file in case tcprules has an error */
if ( unlink(releay_template) == -1) {

if roaming-users are enabled we get a "Error. update_rules() failed"
everytime a user with a new ip connects. if he connects again (his ip is
allready opened for relaying) everything runs fine. i think this is because
we should check " if ( unlink(releay_template) == 0)  " as we have to tell
an error IF the file releay_template-file is still there as this means that
tcprules has an error. if we check if unlink returns -1 we will get an error
if the file is NOT there but if it's not there everythink is just fine.
michael bowe just changed a formating error for tcp.smtp.tmp.pid in the
5.2.29 version so i think this is why the error was not there in earlyer
i changed this line in my version and everything runs fine ;)

another nasty bug i'm currently hunting is the "File busy. try again
later"-bug. anybody got any hints about that?

Thorsten Voss

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