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>> Leave it in assign so vpopmail/qmailadmin will still work, but remove
>> it from rcpthosts (or morercpthosts and then rebuild morercpthosts.cdb).

>   How to rebuild morercpthosts.cdb and /var/qmail/users/cdb

Ever heard of the phrase "reading documentation"?

As morercpthosts belongs to SMTPD a look in 'man qmail-smtpd' would
have revealed:

,----- [  ]
  You  must  run  qmail-newmrh  whenever  morercpthosts

'users/assign' might be eventually explained in 'man qmail-users' (a
search in /var/qmail/ for available man pages would have shown you
this file and a little bit of intelligence would have allowed you to
draw the conclusion):

,----- [ man qmail-users ]
  A change to /var/qmail/users/assign will  have  no  effect
  until qmail-newu is run.

,----- [ man qmail-newu ]
|   qmail-newu       reads       the       assignments      in
|   /var/qmail/users/assign    and    writes     them     into
|   /var/qmail/users/cdb  in  a binary format suited for quick
|   access by qmail-lspawn.

It really can't be THAT hard to read, couldn't it?
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