Charles Sprickman writes:

> On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Paul L. Allen wrote:

> > Sqwebmail's filters do this and more.  You don't have to use Sqwebmail
> > for them to take effect, only to define them
> Hmmm.  I hate the look of that thing,

The cosmetics can be changed.  I found the user-interface for the filters
to be unintuitive, but I'm told that those used to Outlook can figure it
out (if they were competent with Outlook).

> Perhaps I'll see what kind of maildrop file it writes for vacation
> and steal that.

If you're just doing this for intelligent people with shell access then
that may be the simplest answer.  For us, the ability for customers who
are five cans short of a six-pack to be able to set up vacation responders
without having shell access is important.

> Although the qmail-autorespond has some tempting features, including
> mysql support for storing the "away message" and the list of email 
> addresses it has replied to.

With the sqwebmail filters you can tell it to save the mail that people
sent you (to a sub-folder if that's what you want) - surely better than
only knowing who mailed you but not knowing what they wrote.  But the most
important feature (from my perspective) is that it can be set not to
reply to the same address within a specified period of time.  Waking up
to find all my disk space eaten by a vacation responder loop is one of
my recurring nightmares.

> Plus I think I can maintain some qmailadmin compatibility.

That, as yet, has not been officially dealt with.  There is still some
disagreement as to the best way to handle it.

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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