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> My goal is to install an email platform where i could :
> Have more than 1 domain
> Have a webmail interface (POP3 AND IMAP protocol)

What? webmail? Or POP3 + IMAP? Or all three? But a POP3-Webmail
technically ain't possible

- For POP3 there's qmail-popup/3d.
- For IMAP you've chosen BincIMAP, a good choice IMHO
- For Webmail there're things like 'sqwebmail' or if you want to slow
  down the process there's stuff that makes use of IMAP server to
  display mails in your browser. Don't ask me for the name, I've
  forgotten it; but I'm sure before the week ends you'll have gotten
  the answer by somebody else here on this list.
> Have a web interface to modify personnal options for each user (vacation
> message..)

- qmailadmin should be able to rudimentarily do this.

> Any help please ?

What's the setup of POP3 and IMAP regarding to password checks?
How do you invoke password checker for this daemons? I know for sure
BincIMAP works with vchkpw, seems you've set it up in a wrong way (the
same applies to POP3 daemon).
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