Recently our ISP migrated from PostOffice running Windows 2000 to qmail-ldap on Linux. I asked them how they did the conversion of passwords, and luckly in the time they migrated, there was this great feature on the qmail-ldap patch:

- It also supports the password format used by Software.com's Post.Office

It will be great if we see something similar on the vpopmail. I was willing to migrate a company's e-mail from ISP to their internal network, but since I get very confused using qmail-ldap, there is no other way to do this.

I did think on building vpopmail with the --learn-passwords enabled, but there are too much (critical) e-mails, and if someone just set another person's password, well, you know... I don't want to this happen.

So is there a way to do this? Maybe we can modify vpopmail's code to include the support for PostOffice's Passwords based on qmail-ldap's patch? Any ideas?

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