On Wednesday 05 November 2003 12:09 pm, Don Walters wrote:
> I had qmailadmin installed and working great.  Today, I setup my apache
> server to use suexec.  I noticed my qmailadmin stopped working.  After
> looking through the archives, I found a post where someone mentioned that I
> needed to change the owner, group, and permissions on the qmailadmin file.
> I made them the same user and group as the suexec parameter I specified in
> apache.  Now it is working fine.  My question is... is that OK?  Will I
> mess anything up by running it as a user other than vpopmail.vchkpw?

Basicly qmailadmin needs to be able to create files with
the right ownership. If all the domains are owned by vpopmail:vchkpw
then qmailadmin must either run as that user or be able to switch
the effective uid/gid (uses seteuid() and setegid()).
My guess is your setup won't work. You can easily check
by adding email accounts and forwards. If they work and
the permissions on the files are right, you are set.

Ken Jones

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