> Three questions:
> 1. have you checked to make sure that `hostname --fqdn` returns your
> domain name?

Yes, it returns the hostname of my Server but the domain name is not a virtual 
host...  should it be that?

> 2. Did you apply the smtp-auth patch to qmail before running make?

Yes, i use Gentoo-Linux and the Patch is inluded and qmail should be 
patched... I have thought that it could the problem already.

> 3. Are you sure that the path to vchkpw is /var/vpopmail/bin and not
> /home/vpopmail/bin?  I think that the default install directory for
> vpopmail is in /home.

Yes, thats right but in Gentoo they have changed the path from /home/vpopmail 
to /var/vpopmail. I have checked that and vchkpw is in this path.

Is my solution possible?


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